Chess and Technology Online Conference

5-6 December 2020

The conference focuses on playing chess online, teaching chess online and using sophisticated self-learning systems. We bring together the world’s leading experts in chess and technology.

Playing Platforms
Chess Streaming
Chess Databases
Tournament Trackers
Tournament Administration

Classroom Software
Online Training Academies
Training Utilities
Study Systems
Chess Engines
User Experience

Conference produced by ChessPlus

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ChessTech 2020 is the first international conference covering all online and digital aspects of chess. See the latest advances in chess technology. Meet the pioneers of the new wave of chess software and systems. Get to know the developers of the next generation of chess apps. Stay tuned for new research on cheating and its various impacts on chess. After seven annual conferences with a focus on education, the London Chess conference moves online and shifts its focus to technology, while still maintaining the education connection.

David Cordover

Founded in Australia in 2008 and has been deeply involved in online and hybrid chess events and Ensuring Fair Play since Covid-19 changed OTB chess forever. He owns a chess-specific retail store, a scholastic chess coaching business employing over 100 coaches and a series of chess tournaments with around 10,000 entries each year. He is a former Australian Junior Champion

Shohreh Bayat

A well-known International Arbiter, a Woman FIDE Master and a Chess Organizer. She is Asia’s first and only female Category-A IA and FIDE Lecturer. Shohreh is one of the few women in the chess world who is operator of DGT boards. She was Chief Arbiter of the 2020 Women’s World Chess Championship and Councillor of the FIDE Arbiters Commission.

Mike Klein

Mike is the Chief Chess Officer at the widely popular chess website which has the largest subscription base in the world. Mike has been closely involved in’s growth into new digital fields including streaming and education with

Arkady Dvorkovich

President of the World Chess Federation (FIDE). He is a top economist and also President for the Skolkovo Foundation – the Russian hub for innovation. He was previously an Assistant to the President of Russia. from May 2008 to May 2012. His father was an international chess arbiter.

The conference is suitable for anyone involved in playing, teaching or studying chess online. Find out the latest products and services. Transform your experience. A special feature of our conferences is the ability to network with others. You won’t just be watching but you will also be connecting.

The conference is free to attend. Professional tickets are required for representatives of companies. Sponsorship is also welcome.

Join us online the first weekend in December